Temp Check Debates

Temp Check Debates
Wednesday's at 17:30-18:15 during the Festival of Education.

Seismic shifts in thinking and practice were predicted when the first lockdown happened. But has the Covid-19 pandemic actually altered how we think about education? And if it has, does anyone have the energy to make the changes happen?

The Festival of Education’s Temp Check panels invite education experts to explore three hot topics and decide whether opinions have irrevocably shifted over the past year, and where to go from here.

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Education policy by soundbites – is there a better way?”
17:30-18:15, 16 June
Should schools and colleges prioritise wellbeing for its own sake, or because it improves educational outcomes?
17:30-18:15, 23 June
How different could schools be in the future?
17:30-18:15, 30 June