Learning is changing

The world around us is transforming – economically, politically and socially. Rapidly evolving technology continues to open up new opportunities in work and education.

Today’s parents want their children to leave formal education with a love of learning and a flexible skill set for success in a changing career landscape.  Preparing young people for the future world of work and careers has never been more important, and individuals, schools, trusts and colleges all have a role to play.

Learning is changing. How can we all work together to shape both the opportunities and challenges that brings?

Experts say the best way forward for learners is a broad and balanced curriculum.. But what does that look like in practice?
In a cost-constrained environment and an ever-changing world of mounting pressures, how do we address the rising mental health and wellbeing concerns of teachers and learners?

As lifelong learning becomes the norm to remain relevant and skilled in today’s job market how do we respond to learners wanting to be in control of their own learning, in bite-size chunks, often online?

We at Pearson believe these challenges require new solutions and new solutions require us to discuss, debate and challenge each other and our ideas. That’s why Pearson is proud to be a key partner of the Festival of Education where these and other issues will be hotly debated through a series of thought provoking and dynamic sessions over the two days of 18th and 19th June 2020.

We hope you enjoy the Festival of Education.

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