Paul Kirschner


Title: The 10 Deadly Sins of Education: myths and misconceptions about learning

Summary: In this session, Professor Paul Kirschner and Dr Carl Hendrick will discuss several of the most common misconceptions about learning such as the idea that you don’t need to know stuff in an age of Google, that kids today are ‘digital natives’, the learning pyramid and why discovery learning is not always a good way to discover things.

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About Paul

Paul A. Kirschner is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the Open Universiteit (NL), Guest Professor at the Thomas More University of Applied Science in Mechelen, Belgium and owner of kirschner-ED. He’s Research Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, the International Society of the Learning Sciences, and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Science. His most recent books are: How Learning Happens: Seminal Works in Educational Psychology and What They Mean in Practice with Carl Hendrick, Evidence Informed Learning Design with Mirjam Neelen, and More Urban Myths about Learning and Education: Challenging Eduquacks, Extraordinary Claims, and Alternative Facts with Pedro De Bruyckere and Casper Hulshof.

Speaker Details
  • Location
  • Name

    Professor Paul Kirschner

  • Role

    Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology

  • Organisation

    Open Universiteit (NL)

  • Date & Time

    16:00-17:15 | Wednesday 30 June