Matthew Burton

Matthew Burton, or Mr Burton, rose to fame in the Channel 4 documentary Educating Yorkshire. This September he became Head of Thornhill Community Academy, the school featured in the series. Matt Burton has recently been part of BBC Bitesize’s Mind Set revision campaign.
As assistant head and English teacher, it was the relationship between Mr Burton and one of his Year 11 pupils, Musharaf Asghar, that created one of the stand-out moments of the series. Musharaf was a bright, engaging boy who struggled with an acute stammer. His impending English GCSE required him to recite a poem, an ordeal that seemed impossible until the intervention of Mr Burton. Inspired by The King’s Speech, he hit upon the idea of making Musharaf listen to some music to help his delivery. The tactic worked and he managed to read Margaret Atwood’s poem The Moment almost without a hitch.

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