WomenEd's festival keynote will take place on 24 June
The Future of Assessment
We discuss the opinions of over 6,000 people on what a good qualifications and assessment system should look like for 14-19 year olds.
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The cost of the gender gap post-COVID if we don’t act now
This session explores the role learning and skills plays in addressing the inequalities exacerbated by COVID and the cost of not acting now.
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Online learning: lessons and opportunities
Covid-19 has driven a step change in digital innovation in education, but where does its future now lie? In this session, our panel will reflect on lessons learned over the past year and explore where we go next and how we improve.
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Employability and skills: time for a vocational revolution in schools?
We discuss what role schools could play in ‘employability’, ensuring that students develop and can demonstrate the skills they need for the jobs of the future.
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Preparing for 2041: the future of life, work and education
What will work and society look like in the future? We explore how current trends might develop over the next 20 years and how education and learning can help us prepare.
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How experienced career-changers into teaching can benefit our schools
How different could schools be in the future?
17:30-18:15, 30 June
Should schools and colleges prioritise wellbeing for its own sake, or because it improves educational outcomes?
17:30-18:15, 23 June
Education policy by soundbites – is there a better way?”
17:30-18:15, 16 June