Speaker Application

Speaker Application
Apply to hold a session at one of our fantastic Friday Fests.

We’re now accepting applications to speak at the 12th Festival of Education at Wellington College, Thursday 7-8 July 2022.

Submission deadline: 23:59 on Monday, 31 January 2022
Notification of decision by: 17:00 on Monday, 28 February 2022

About applying

Across two days, the Festival of Education will host over 200 sessions from educationalists across the globe. About 50% of the content held at the Festival is selected via our public application process. Other content is curated by the Festival team and our core partners, including organisations such as the Department for Education and grass-root groups such as BAME Ed and Women Ed.

Content at the Festival is spread across five 50 minute periods each day. Content is staged across over 25 venues, which include purpose-built marquees and classrooms.

Please note that completing this form does not guarantee you a session. During this round of applications, around 100 sessions will be accepted. The Festival typically receives about 500 applications for 100 sessions. This means that we, unfortunately, have to reject 80% of the applications. We appreciate the time it takes to apply to speak at the Festival, but unfortunately, we cannot accept all applications.

All submissions are considered by the content team for their suitability, how they fit into the overall shape and content of the Festival, how they overlap with other sessions, and how they serve our diverse audience. The content team will commence reviewing applications in February. Applicants will be informed of the content teams decision by 17:00 on Monday, 28 February.  The decision of the festival content team is final.

Please note we are accepting applications for the following categories:

  • In the classroom – Primary
  • In the classroom – Secondary
  • Early Years
  • SEND
  • Policy
  • Technology
  • School Business Management
  • STEM
  • Leadership
  • Future Leaders
  • Research
  • Governance
  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Further Education, apprenticeships & skills
  • Diversity
  • Wellbeing
  • Curriculum
  •  International
  • T levels
  • Safeguarding

Commercial workshops | This application process is only open for non-commercial workshops. Paid for opportunities for commercially sponsored workshops are available. We will contact you if we feel your submission is commercial and reserve the right to reject your application. For commercial opportunities at the Festival, please visit our website.

What you will need to provide in your submission

  • You will need to provide a title for your session, a short description and explain five key things attendees will learn
  • You will need to provide a bio and photo of all speakers in your session. If you are applying on behalf of others, please ensure that you have the individuals permission to use and share their details
  • You will need to let us know if you have a preference for when your session could take place
  • You will need to select a category for your session
  • You can edit your application up until the submission deadline
  • Please note partially completed applications will also be rejected
  • Please note we are not accepting sessions with three or more speakers through the application system. If you would like to suggest a session with three or more speakers, please email the festival director Shane Mann, mann@lsect.com

What happens if your submission is successful?

If your proposed session is accepted, we will get in touch to ensure that the information we have for you is correct. At this point, you’ll also be provided with a registration link to book your free tickets to the Festival. All speakers will receive complimentary two-day access for themselves and a friend.

In early April, we will confirm the time and date of your session at the Festival. At the start of the summer term, we will announce your session on the Festival website, and you will be able to start promoting your session.

At the Festival, speakers will have access to our speakers’ lounge. Within this space, speakers will be provided with refreshments throughout the day, including lunch.

 Applying does not guarantee your session will be accepted. The decision of the Festival content team is final.