When Book Love, The Multicultural Travelling Book Carnival comes to Town


Let’s reframe the way organisations and schools see diversity. It should not feel like an obligation or a duty, neither a chore or yet another box ticking exercise for teachers! it should be seen as a celebration of life, a beautiful gift that culturally enriches all of our lives, leading to a more cohesive and tolerant society. Come meet “Book Love” the Multicultural Carnival to find out why we are so lucky to have cultural diversity in our lives and why it should always be seen as a blessing and not a bore!
Experience how Cultural Literary Activist and Founder of ‘Book Love’ Samantha Williams uses her Multicultural Travelling Book Carnival in schools to make ‘diversity’ feel like less of a chore, but instead an open door to endless stories, characters and possibilities. Book Love

During two days at the Festival find us at stand Z22 where the carnival will be pitched up with music and an amazing array of books to view and buy. Also, on the second day we will be speaking During Period 4, (14.15 – 14.55) in Maths 4.”