Teaching and managing children with ADHD and co-existing conditions


The content of the course will include o Symptoms, causes, impact and diagnosis o ADHD and co-existing conditions including AD, AS, ODD, PDA and CD o Introducing the SF3R model of management of Structure, Flexibility, Rapport, Relationships and Resilience to meet Educational, Behavioural and Socialisation goals. o Setting rules, rituals and routines, accessing the curriculum, seating, organisation and goal setting o Dealing with Mood, Motivation, Distractibility, Disruption and Defiance o How best to deal with peer interaction during class and non-classroom time o Looking at the role of multi-agency intervention and the role of medication

Across two days, over 250 sessions will take place at the Festival. A full timetable of sessions will be available from late May 2019. Until this point we will only be announcing the day(s) sessions will be taking place.