Staying Resilient and Recognising Red Flags – in yourself, in your students

Cognita Venue 2

10:10 am - 11:40 am

Wellbeing Summit

To be physically and mentally healthy – that’s what we want for the students in our schools – and it’s what we all need and deserve for ourselves. But how can we build our resilience so we remain strong in difficult times? How can we spot the warning signs when our mental wellbeing starts to slip?

This double session features clinical psychologist Dr Bill Mitchell offering practical advice and tips on how to look after yourself and those around you. The focus will particularly be on the influence of pressure on our effectiveness and wellbeing, highlighting some of the early signs that our wellbeing may be at risk. The session concludes with a discussion featuring Wellington College and Cognita on how workplace culture needs to support us in turning intentions into reality.