Formative assessment: when technology helps, and when it just gets in the way

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm

Formative assessment is arguably the most important skill us teachers have at our disposal. It allows us to distinguish between “I taught it” and “they learned it”. However, in the data-obsessed world we live in, formative assessment has become mixed up with an incessant need to record every answer, assign levels and track progress. In this interactive session, I look at how I use one free formative assessment tool – Diagnostic Questions, and the technology that accompanies it – in two distinct ways. Firstly, in my classroom, where the technology massively aids my planning, but in terms of delivery I rely on nothing more sophisticated than fingers to become the responsive teacher my students deserve and need. And secondly, as a homework tool, where I can utilise the full power of technology both to save time and to identify and understand my students’ strengths and weakness in ways that levels and grades could never allow. Oh, and be prepared to play the game everyone (well, mainly me) is talking about… Guess the Misconception.