CPD on a budget?

10:10 am - 10:50 am

This session will explore a plethora of ideas of how to expose yourself or your staff to CPD at minimal outlay and to maximum benefit. From organising your own conference to Twitter chats, Teach-Meets to School Alliances, personal Professional Enquiries to Lesson Study and friendly lunches in between, Anne will suggest a range of ideas to invigorate and enthuse classroom teachers. Anne is a thrifty and innovative learner who loves nothing more than to be in her own classroom. A reluctant leader in many ways, Anne has over the last few years been persuaded on occasion to drag herself away from her classroom in an attempt to light fires in others so that they want to be in theirs. She will explore each of the ideas that she has found to have mileage, in detail, outlining the real nitty gritty of implementing those ideas and warning of the pitfalls and challenges along the way. A great believer in a ‘goldilocks CPD’, Anne will encourage a ‘middle way’ in which CPD is used to energise teachers without distracting them with shiny ideas or unduly adding to their workload.