Changing the habits of a lifetime – leading Teaching & Learning


How many times have you sat in a fantastic CPD session, been really enthused and motivated, yet on your return to school found yourself totally swamped, met with barriers, blockers and never actually been able to implement any of your ideas? Does this ‘tyranny of the immediacy’ sound familiar? This session will give you an alternative model for leading Teaching & Learning which doesn’t rely on stand-alone CPD but rather on ‘habit-changers’, a nicotine patch for improving teaching on a day-to-day basis by engaging staff in CPD they simply cannot ignore and a creating culture that promotes great teaching.

Across two days, over 250 sessions will take place at the Festival. A full timetable of sessions will be available from late May 2019. Until this point we will only be announcing the day(s) sessions will be taking place.