Wellington College International

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Wellington College International shares the purpose of Wellington College, UK to pioneer in education to serve and help shape a better world. WCI is committed to building a network of schools where each additional school increases the possibilities and potential for all our partners, staff, parents, and students.  The Wellington College Education family now educates globally over 7800 students across 8 premium quality co-educational campuses.  WCI delivers on this purpose by facilitating collaboration through student and teacher exchange programmes, teacher secondments, joint projects and competitions, and knowledge and expertise sharing opportunities across the group’s network. Two new schools join our established schools located in Shanghai, Nantong, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Bangkok.  In September 2023 we were proud to open, with our regional partners, the first Wellington College International school in India on a beautiful riverside campus designed to educate 800 students in Pune, Maharashtra and in September 2024, we add Wellington College International Jakarta to the group which will initially serve 400 Reception to Year 4 students in a prestigious new development in Jakarta, Indonesia. Internationally, all our schools continue to work with their local communities and join regional education networks to support teaching quality, alongside education debate and advancement across their regions while simultaneously building greater cultural dialogue, respect and understanding within all our schools. We continually search for inspiring and talented teachers to join our growing networks of schools and we look to recruit the very best practitioners in international education, whether teachers or support staff, who are passionate about realising the potential of our students.