Deliveries cannot be received before Monday 03 July. Anything delivered before this time will not be accepted by Wellington College. Wellington College has limited storage and there will be no exceptions to this. Please download the shipping label (click here) or see below and be sure to include your name, stand number and how many boxes (highlighted on the shipping label).


It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to clear any surplus collateral, branded material and furniture brought to the Festival site.Β  These materials should either be disposed of by the exhibitor or be left packaged in your stand area, ready for pick up (by your arrangement) between 17:15 – 19:00 on Friday 07 July. Exhibitors must wait with their materials until collected; neither Wellington College nor Festival team can supervise the collection of materials. There are no storage facilities at the school for subsequent collections.

Wellington is a school, not a commercial venue, there are no waste facilities. Any materials that are left will be disposed of and if excessive, a charge will be levied.