Yasmeen Akhtar

Yasmeen Akhtar

Yasmeen oversees 3FF’s programmes in Schools and Universities, including primary and secondary Workshops, CPD Teacher Training, Faith School Linking and our leadership development and mentoring scheme ParliaMentors. She is a trained facilitator and mediator, experienced in developing and delivering engaging seminars, workshops and training across sectors.
• From a British Pakistani background and closely involved with building capacity in faith communities, consulting on relevant issues for local and national Government.
• Background in developing sustainable and innovative programmes in education and in communities with a focus on addressing conflict, managing diversity, and effective collaboration.

3FF’s Encountering Faiths & Beliefs


3FF’s flagship workshop brings real-life experiences of faith, belief and identity into the classroom via a panel of trained speakers. With the assistance and skills of an expert facilitator, two or three speakers from different faith and belief backgrounds share their personal stories and answer the students’ questions in an engaging and informative way while […]

In the classroom – Primary