Niki Kaiser

Niki Kaiser
  • Research Lead
  • Company: Norwich Research School at Notre Dame

Niki is a Chemistry teacher at Notre Dame High School in Norwich and Network Research Lead for the EEF/IEE Norwich Research School.
She previously worked in Science Research, traversing the equator multiple times as she sampled the Atlantic Gyres as a Marine Biogeochemist. While carrying out her post-doctoral research,
Niki is particularly interested in finding ways of using educational research to inform teaching, and she blogs regularly about Teaching and Learning (, and is a regular participant in #UKEdResChat.
Last year, Niki helped to form the #CogSciSci network, an active forum for Science teachers to share ideas for applying Cognitive Science to their practice, and she was recently awarded Founding Fellowsip of the Chartered College of Teaching. She is currently working with the Education Endowment Foundation to produce their Science Guidance Report, to help Science teachers implement effective approaches within the classroom, and she is an elected member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Division Council.

You can find her on Twitter @ChemDrK