Murphy James

Murphy James
  • Founder/Manager
  • Company: The Know How

Murphy James is both the Founder/Manager of The Know How & Project Development Manager of the Windsor Homeless Project.


Having experienced many of life’s struggles, inc. sexual abuse, mental health issues and drug & Alcohol addiction, Murphy went on to train in substance misuse where he mentored vulnerable residents through recovery.


Murphy then became Manager of the Windsor Homeless Project where he successfully instigated the housing of 50 homeless clients within 2 years. Earlier this year Murphy was thrust into the media spotlight when Windsor Council’s Leader made some crass claims on social media about the homeless in the town prior to the Royal Wedding. Murphy then began educating people on the actuality of being homeless and suffering from mental health and was subsequently invited to No.10 to give advice on how to ‘end’ homelessness.


Latterly, Murphy created and founded The Know How.

The Know How exists to stop Mental Health from deteriorating by means of prevention, communication and advocacy and is currently looking for corporate support with a view to rolling out the premise nationally.