Mark Creasy

Mark Creasy

Teacher and author

Mark is a teacher and author, passionate to provide the best learning opportunities for all inside and outside of the classroom, allowing learners to develop their independence – using the mantra, “If it wouldn’t be good enough for my daughter, it’s not good enough for anyone else.” He strives to allow the children to seek and find their talents and in doing this Mark supports his learners to challenge their areas for development for themselves. It is this philosophy that underpins his session drawing on over 20 years of practical application in both secondary and primary settings across a range of subjects.

Effective Group and Project Based Learning


At present there is more pressure on primary colleagues than ever. I think this is particularly the case in (upper) Key Stage 2 and people want to find the most effective ways to achieve the best results, in the limited time, with the least stress for all involved. I have found that project based learning, […]

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