Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Consultant, blogger, & author

Mark is a former school leader with more than twenty years of experience in the classroom, leading successful faculty departments, being a local authority lead teacher and responsible for some of the world’s most innovative 1:1 programmes. An award-winning blogger and chart-topping author too, his mission has always been to impact positively on the futures of children which has led to him leaving the classroom to pursue that aim on a larger scale. Mark’s pedigree is further reinforced by his associate status with Independent Thinking Ltd; an organisation with such high regard attached to it with some of the most talented and in-demand speakers and authors from around the world.

How to get impact with edtech in your school


Never before has technology had the propensity to have an impact on enhancing the learning experience. This session will be popular and timely because with budgets so tight in schools, schools cannot afford to leave their edtech strategies and decisions to chance. With Mark’s international pedigree in sharing what works with technology in schools, delegates […]

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