Liam Collins

Liam Collins
  • Headteacher
  • Company: Uplands Community College

My life has been marked by doing things late. Degree is in Economics that I started at 21. PGCE started at aged 29.
The PGCE was after a long and winding road through sales, finance and IT and a few years of running a music promotion company in South London , I literally fell into teaching. While DJ’ing I worked in a youth project in Brixton and enjoyed it so it was suggested that I look into teaching. First day in a classroom I never looked back.
I taught for five years in Bromley (Coopers Technology College) and led the Work-Related Curriculum, moved as an AHT to The Business Academy in Bexley and was then promoted VP for innovation (when school’s finance meant you could have roles like this!). In 2010, I moved to Roding Valley High School in Essex to lead T&L as a DHT. Applied for my first Headteacher role in 2012 and was successful and have been at Uplands Community College ever since.
Successes – four years of KS5 improvements, best KS4 results in the colleges history & most successful English department in East Sussex. This was all achieved after I removed graded lesson observation in 2013 and moved the whole college towards a vision of continual development. I am a Headteacher that teaches and believe it is vitally important to do so.
Next year I start a new role as Director of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at GLF Schools.
I was a core member of the Headteacher’s Roundtable and it was my link to sanity in my first few years of Headship. Sometimes you need to know there are like-minded people out there! I have spoken at Cambridge University about Recruitment & Retention, the Regional RSA on curriculum and twice at Parliament about the funding crisis. With others, I led the FlatCashEd campaign for East Sussex Headteachers. Co-opted member of the Secondary Council of the HAHT. I am reasonably active on twitter, under @LiamHCollins. Finally, I am a zealot of using video technology to improve teaching and work closely with IRIS Connect, especially utilising their products.
I am a very proud Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.
I am a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion and have supported them since 1977. It has been, and always will be, a key lesson in life. That is life is generally disappointing and frustrating, but occasionally it is punctuated with triumph!
Finally, I am a husband and father to a 12-year-old (who is in Year 7 at my school) and a 10-year-old, so all changes to education I can see on both sides!