Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz’s enthusiasm is infectious and motivating. Her background as a stand up comedian and literacy advisor and her commitment to empowering teachers make her talks both engaging and resourceful.

Her book, Because Of You, reverse engineers her mindset shift a child in care to a success. It pinpoints the role of teachers and provides a toolkit for educators to embed ambitious resilience in their learners and themselves.

You may recognise Jaz from the BBC spelling show, Hard Spell Abbey, which she worked on as educational advisor, writer and co-presenter.  More recently she appeared as a candidate on The Apprentice.

Because Of You. How Teachers Who Care Literally Saved My Life


People think appearing on The Apprentice is the most interesting thing about me. Then they hear how my life was transformed by just 5 teachers. Ordinary heroes who had an unconditional positive regard for me, enabled a disadvantaged and broken girl living in foster care to go to university and become a teacher myself. They […]

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