Gillian Bridge

Gillian Bridge
  • Psycholinguistic Consultant

Gillian is a psycholinguistic consultant and expert in empowering people to get the most from their brain, whatever the challenge. The common link in her various roles as teacher, lecturer, addiction therapist (with a Diploma from the Priory Hospital), prison drug and alcohol worker, executive coach and resilience consultant, is the way brain development and the use of language affect an individual’s behaviour and communication. By understanding brain function and how it makes us behave the way we do, Gillian’s work enables all people, whether overtly in need of help or not, to gain better control of their lives.

Gillian is the author of several articles and of three books which investigate the ways in which brains may find dysfunctional behaviours and substances more attractive than healthful ones. She is a forensic thinker, not content with much of the language and ideology  traditionally associated with counselling and therapy, and her latest book, ‘The Significance Delusion’ (Crown House Publishing), takes the reader on a challenging journey to explore what it really takes for us (and our children) to thrive and survive, both as individuals and as a society.

Gillian specialises in working privately with clients with addictions, autism and other cognitive challenges, as well as speaking publically in schools, universities, and at conferences, on the compelling subject of resilience.

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