Gerard Joyce

Gerard Joyce

Risk Management Expert

Gerard is co-founder of CalQRisk – developers of risk and compliance software- and is responsible for product development. He is chairman of the Irish Risk Management Standards Consultative Committee and represents Ireland on the ISO Risk Management Technical Committee (TC262). For the past 15 years Gerard has been studying, engaging in and writing about the management of risk. He has worked with schools, financial institutions and industry to develop tools and techniques to better manage risk on an ongoing basis. He frequently speaks at conferences on the subject of risk and a risk-based approach to management.

Achieving Business Objectives through the Systematic Management of Risk


Compliance and the management of risk, in particular those risks relating to Safeguarding and financial control, are being increasingly scrutinised and regulated in academies and independents by Ofsted, EFA and ISI. Higher standards are expected. Skills and resources in many academies are seriously overstretched, meaning that the opportunities that are derived from robust risk management […]

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