Ellie Mulcahy

Ellie Mulcahy

Research Associate, LKMco

Ellie is a Research Associate at the education and youth ‘think and action-tank’ LKMco. She holds a PGCE with a specialism in the Early Years and previously worked as a reception teacher in a highly disadvantaged area of Kent. Research for her Psychology degree focused on child development and language and she was previously a freelance researcher for TeachFirst and the Behavioural Insights Team. Sam Baars and Ellie recently began working on a series of reports for King’s College London exploring the marginalisation of particular groups from Higher Education. Their first report, on white working class boys, is now being followed up with a report on gypsy, Roma and traveller pupils.

The under representation of Gypsy Roma groups in higher education


Gypsy Roma and Traveller groups are one of the most severely under represented groups in Higher Education. Research on this inequality and effective solutions for widening participation is limited. Furthermore, there have been few attempts to distil such research into formats that are of practical use to educators. LKMco is working with Kings College London […]