Dr Saima Rana

Dr Saima Rana
  • Principal, Westminster Academy

Dr Saima Rana is Principal of Westminster Academy, serving one of the most deprived areas in
the country where 41% of children are in poverty. 53% of Westminster Academy students have
‘ever’ been eligible for free school meals, 61% of students are pupil premium and 85% of students
speak English as an additional language. 37% of students have SEND. With a background in
school improvement in inner-city schools, and a PhD in IT in Education, Dr Rana has worked in
inner-city London schools with high depreciation indicators throughout her career to combine
traditional school improvement techniques with a commitment to collaboration between the local
community and businesses in order to accelerate regeneration and standards.
Dr Rana worked for six years as a senior educational consultant for Cambridge Education Islington
as a leading schools improvement consultant with particular focus on Teaching and Learning,
Raising Standards, ICT, AfL, Curriculum, Change Management and Building Schools for Future.
Dr Rana specialises in Secondary School Educational Policy, ICT, Globalisation, the Knowledge
and Digital Economy. She was an ICT Mark Assessor and examiner for NAACE and was on the
working party developing the original Becta/Ofsted ICT Mark and Assessment for Learning reform
group. She has presented academic papers on Policy, ICT, Globalisation and Secondary
Education at the Institute of Education, London, Trinity College, Dublin, The Knowledge Lab,
London as well as at International conferences in both Europe and the USA. Dr Rana is also a
member of the following boards: The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA),
International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association (ISBCA), and Paddington
Development Trust (PDT).

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