Dr. Neville Lawrence OBE

Dr. Neville Lawrence OBE
  • Campaigner
  • Company: Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Dr. Neville George Lawrence OBE is best known as the proud father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. Whilst campaigning for justice he became a key figure in changing the ‘double jeopardy’ laws and influenced the retraining of liaison police officers.

Over the last twenty years Dr. Lawrence has given speeches to thousands of individuals and a number of organisations, including the police, trade unions, universities and schools, on topics that range from; Life After Stephen’s Death, Catalogue and Demonstration of the Resulting Impact where an Organisation Lacks Transparency and Upon Reflection of the Lawrence Case and the Subsequent Private Challenge. He also sits on panels to present his views and respond to questions regarding ‘double jeopardy’ and the changes that he influenced during the Lawrence case.

He continues to advocate for and delivers presentations on the positive relationships that he has established with a range of institutions and encourages positive community engagement with the police service.