Ali Golds

Ali Golds

Coach, Speaker, and Author

Ali has started and built companies in a variety of industries from bespoke furniture through to enterprise education consultancy. She’s spent the last 6 years working with those who want to work for themselves, predominantly young people and women; coaching them to achieve their goals.

A highly experienced business coach, specialising in business development, as well as a passionate start-up advocate; Ali is often sought out for speaking and opinion piece writing opportunities and has featured in The Big Issue, Vonage Home Business 100 report, and commented on topics on Channel 5 News, and many others. She’s worked with hundreds of start-ups, a wide range of educational institutions and organisations, and was lead adviser on the government review ‘Enterprise for All’ in 2014.

Ali is author of the book ‘How To Be Your Own Boss As A Single Mum’, and her new book ‘Mindset Matters’ will be published this year.

Girls, Leadership and Why Mindset Really Matters

Spiritual Room

Why do so many girls not believe in themselves? Why do they need constant reassurance that they have greatness within, and can change the world? This session explores how creating the right mindset is key to improving girls’ self-esteem, and embracing their potential to be the outstanding leaders of the future.

Practical Pedagogy