Aldo de Pape

Aldo de Pape
  • Founder
  • Company: TeachPitch

Aldo is the founder of TeachPitch. A cloud based platform that helps teachers & schools with the discovery and management of the best online learning resources.

The inspiration for TeachPitch came from de Pape’s own experience of teaching Economics to high school students with special needs. The platform was deliberately conceived as a global community, inspired by Aldo’s years working with teachers across the world through an education charity.

As a global community, TeachPitch helps provide fresh insights and a broader perspective to all of its users. TeachPitch is currently being used by tens of thousands of educators from over 130 countries and massively growing in users each day. Aldo previously worked in publishing for Springer and Macmillan and is the author of a children’s book ‘I am!’, published in 2008.

The TeachPitch for Schools product is currently being used in over 500 schools in the Middle East, UK, US and China.

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