Dr Elizabeth Nassem

Dr Elizabeth Nassem is a consultant and researcher who supports schools to resolve bullying. In her doctorate she examined where bullying exists in children’s everyday experiences of school and researched extensively the link between punishments used in school and bullying. Elizabeth has developed interventions to resolve bullying based on her doctoral and post-doctoral research, this includes tailoring strategies to the specific experiences children have. She has also developed a programme to mentor children who persistently engage in bullying to refrain from bullying and learn how to interact with others more respectfully. Elizabeth has recently written a book ‘The Teacher’s Guide to Resolving Bullying: Evidence-based Strategies and Pupil-led Interventions’ which will be published in October. She has written for journal articles, educational magazines and The Guardian about her research and interventions. Her work has frequently featured in the national media such as BBC Radio 5 Live and The Telegraph.

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