Carina Cunha

Carina is the Managing Director of Crimson Education in the UK. In addition to managing the UK Team, Carina supports the expansion of Crimson’s presence in Europe by overseeing sales, marketing and partnerships in other regional markets such as Ireland, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Carina holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, where she graduated a year earlier than expected, and a Postgraduate degree in Differential Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carina sees education as the most fundamental tool to enable personal growth and have a global impact. Carina’s background in Investment Banking (Credit Suisse), Wealth Management (JPMorgan) and Management Consulting (Accenture) has helped her spearhead a number of educational initiatives such as the partnership with ETC (Educating The Children), NISCA (Northern Ireland Schools and Colleges Careers Association), MOTC (Masters Avenue), Fulbright, and the International School of Geneva. Through her work with Crimson, Carina has helped hundreds of students achieve their academic and career goals. Carina has also been a featured speaker in dozens of conferences and fairs across Europe, including the 2019 European IB Conference in Zagreb and the upcoming Festival of Education on the 22nd of June at Wellington College.

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