The Power of Personality and Teamwork from the Staff Room to the Classroom

Seb Faulks E2 60

Teachers and/or pupils are required to connect and collaborate every day, even more so in the workplace as pupils begin their working life. In understanding their own behaviours, valuing the behaviours those they work and collaborate with and being able to harness collective strengths, creates optimum team performance……..get it right, and this insight can be taken from the staffroom to the classroom to unlock the potential of every pupil. Facet5 and Connect 2 Colour have collaborated together to develop integrated team sessions to support this process, the theory is ‘brought to life’ in a unique and and highly impactful way. This session is timely as we look at the number of teachers that are leaving the profession. Here is the opportunity for a greater insight that maximises teacher potential and strengths, so too for the pupils that feel misunderstood, isolated and develop mental health issues.

In the classroom – Secondary