The greatest showman. The greatest irony.


The greatest showman. The greatest irony. Surrounded by 30 -150+ students on a daily basis, teaching is for many, one of the loneliest occupations. How can that really be? Confidence. The arbiter of good teaching is a fragile thing. Discover how your colleagues’ shattered morale can be re-invigorated by structured, professional dialogue to build resilience and to problem solve more effectively. Coaching for school improvement is proven to increase confidence and distribute leadership. Discover what coaching is and isn’t, and what impact it has on staff, and what are the greater challenges for an in-house coaching team?

Across two days, over 250 sessions will take place at the Festival. A full timetable of sessions will be available from late May 2019. Until this point we will only be announcing the day(s) sessions will be taking place.