Talking to Teens and Tots in the Digital Age


Allison is joined by Phoebe McIndoe and Jess Hawley, and The RAP Project is now speaking to Primary school students as well as teenagers. School leavers, aged 11 years old, are also exposed to inappropriate content online and are struggling with discretion and bullying. We teach the young kids to be kind on line and how to cope the change between primary and secondary schools. When speaking to teenagers, we describe and identify peer on peer sexual harassment. Rape jokes, sending unsolicited sexts & asking peers about their sexual preferences before even saying ‘Hello’ are all part of our digital native’s reality. RAP is concerned about the lack of respect and the eroding ability of young people to practice friendship, romance and intimacy. “What ever happened to seduction?” they ask their audience. Why are these kids so casual about sex and ‘treat hook ups’ and ‘get withs’ as matter of fact? Where does the highly sexualised, highly inappropriate language stem from? The RAP team is extremely passionate about changing this narrative. By educating students and raising awareness about the insidious misogyny and male dominated themes in advertising, media and online hard core pornography, we instil the notion of mutual respect and mutual consent. Allison and Deana are the authors of ‘Sex, Likes and Social Media: Talking to our teens in the digital age’, published by Vermilion/Random House, voted a Top Ten Parenting book but The Independent and Mumsnet.