Proper Drama Teaching

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

In this workshop designed for up to twenty participants Martin Robinson will explore, what he calls: ‘Proper acting for proper teachers’. In these two hours teachers will find out all they need to know about the fundamentals of putting a production on stage and how to get pupils to act well. It will also show you what are the building blocks of good performance by getting you to perform well. This session will tell you how to make a play work in the classroom or on the stage. Robinson gives you the ‘rules’ that repertory theatre companies used in order to put on a new play, every week, without the need of a director. Answering questions such as: Where should Macbeth enter from? How about the three witches? Where on the stage should Hamlet do a soliloquy? How do you make iambic pentameter sound interesting even if you’ve no idea what the hell is being said? How does an actor tell the audience all they need to know about a character in the first ten seconds of their performance? How can I be heard? Is acting difficult? All these questions and more will be answered in this barn-storming, extraordinarily informative, and intricately researched session. Proper acting for proper teachers will also be open on the day for people to view the session as non-participants.