How mindful PSHE can be the key to effective Personal Development


Take a journey through a PSHE Programme that builds good mental health and nurtures the personal development of every pupil whilst enhancing the positive ethos of the whole school community

Dialogue with Jan Lever, Creator and Director of the acclaimed ‘Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE’ and be inspired to refresh the Personal Development at your school through meaningful PSHE

Learning points;

  • What do we mean by personal development?
  • What is mindfulness and why is it vital to personal development?
  • How to design a PSHE Programme that progressively builds personal development from 3-16 and is underpinned by mindfulness philosophy and practice
  • Reflect on your school’s PSHE provision

Across two days, over 250 sessions will take place at the Festival. A full timetable of sessions will be available from late May 2019. Until this point we will only be announcing the day(s) sessions will be taking place.