How to Inspire a Dauntless Daughter? Empowering girls to be leaders. #womened #STEAM

Schools Week Venue 4

4:10 pm - 4:45 pm

Women Ed Strand

#WomenEd empowers women in education to have the choice to lead.Dauntless Daughters challenges the under-representation of girls in STEM.  #WomenEd and Dauntless Daughters are working in collaboration to affect change in our schools for our generation of girls.  How can we inspire and empower girls to lead?  How do we ensure that diverse leadership styles are represented to girls and young women?  How do girls need schools to support them so that leadership is attainable?  How can we inspire and empower to see themselves in STEM careers?  Hear the data. What impact does this have on girls and why? See the examples of visual representation.  Hear examples from a secondary school Headteacher and a primary CEO.