Global Perspectives: Social, Moral and Economic Imperatives for Leadership


Come and talk about building our global network that is making a difference for women leaders in education.
Across OECD member countries, 68% of teachers are women but 49% of principals in lower secondary education are women and ‘more can and should be done to decrease other sources of potential bias or barriers to female leadership.’(OECD, 2015). Some countries are struggling to educate their young people, while also anticipating substantial growth. This has significant global consequences as we underutilise the very workforce that we desperately need to educate the growing world population. Women are two thirds of our global profession: women are crucial to the national and international conversation needed to rethink education to meet the growing moral, social and economic challenges that we face. From this dynamic resource, we can develop a global strategy led by incredible and visible pioneers for women leading education.