BAMEd Panel: Diversity Matters

South Front 2

Diversity and Equality are national agendas for the DfE, and high profile discussion points for a lot of educators and leaders. How diverse are our schools? Why do we have a blockage in the pipeline for women leaders progressing to SLT and beyond? Why do we have a blockage in BAME leaders entering the profession and progressing beyond middle leadership? Why do we have an inbalance of white male Headteachers, CEOs and Chairs of Governors? Why do our leadership teams not represent the communities we serve? As a Headteacher I hold the values of Diversity and Equality high and have committed to recruiting a diverse governance and school leadership team. I co-founded #WomenEd and am an advisor for #BAMEed, as well as a DfE coach for women leaders and a grant holder/ programme leader for 3 of the DfE Diversity Grants. I will curate and chair a panel to discuss the challenges and solutions.

Future Leaders