A whole school’s approach to emotional well-being and why its win win!

3:20 pm - 4:00 pm

This lecture will share the learning from the Sheffield Healthy Minds model which has been developed in collaboration with Sheffield CAMHS and schools.
Healthy Minds puts emotional resilience at the heart of young people’s health and wellbeing and recognises its impact on young people’s readiness to learn, attainment, behaviour and future employability. Education providers are in an excellent position to not just teach about mental health and emotional well-being and signpost but to enable young people to experience good emotional well-being by being part of a safe, nurturing community where children and young people feel understood, heard and connected.
We have found that the Healthy Minds model makes great sense to school staff who have been able to use its principles within the classroom and across school; from nursery to sixth form.
Come and find out more about the psychological theories and learning from neuro-developmental research which underlies this model; what young people have told us as to what is impacting on their emotional well-being and what they would like from schools and hear about the strategies schools have found have worked both within class and across school.