SEND Strand

  • Dedicated to SEND, curated by Jarlath O'Brien
  • Seven sessions on Day Two
  • Over 10 expert speakers
  • From supporting children with ADHD to student voice

This year the Festival is delighted to host a strand dedicated to SEND curated by Jarlath O'Brien, Executive Headteacher, TES behaviour columnist and author. SEND is a hot topic in education at the minute - concerns expressed by teachers on the training they receive to do a good job teaching children with SEND, significant financial pressures faced by all local authorities, concerns that children with SEND are negatively affected by performance pressures on schools and low parental satisfaction all make for an area of our work that is in serious need of improvement. Taking place on day two of the Festival the strand aims to cover as much of the main SEND landscape as possible. There are sessions on supporting children with ADHD, working in partnerships with parents, research to support teaching children with dyslexia, girls and autism, working with teaching assistants and a powerful session on student voice from a teacher and his former student. The sessions will be run by some of the most influential people in the SEND world and includes teachers, parents and students.

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SEND Strand Sessions

Session 1: Does a special font help children with dyslexia to read more fluently?

 In recent years, a number of specialist fonts have been developed which claim to help people with dyslexia to read more easily and fluently. In this session, I will discuss what the research evidence says about the utility of such fonts. Are they worth investing in and do they help to support children with and without dyslexia?


Session 2: Female Autism

Sarah’s presentation will cover how autism presents in girls and how we can meet the need of autistic girls in our classrooms


Session 3: Student Voice – working with children to improve their life chances

Session synopsis to be confirmed. 


Session 4 – Working in partnership with parents

Reasonable Adjustments, Reasonably Priced: Parental Approaches to SEND.


Session 5 – What can mainstream schools learn from SEND and special schools

Session synopsis to be confirmed.


Session 6: Supporting children with ADHD

Session synopsis to be confirmed.


Session 7 – How to work best with teaching assistants

Session synopsis to be confirmed.