Pearson at #educationfest

We have lots of exciting things happening at the Pearson marquee throughout the festival, including virtual courses, a live interactive poll and ‘Colin the AI Teaching Assistant’. So make sure you come and say hello, and pick up your free mocktail too!

Don’t forget that we’re also holding workshops and seminars, on the theme ‘What will education look like in 2030?’

Pearson South Front 1 – Thursday 22nd June 12.10-12.50

Could better assessment underpin better teaching?
Organised by Pearson in association with LKMco
Loic Menzies, LKMco
Daisy Christodolou, Head of Assessment, Ark Schools
Sharon Hague, Pearson
Will Millard, Associate, LKMco 

Assessment serves many purposes, from providing ongoing insights into learners’ needs to defining accountability measures. Can we make assessment – and the conclusions we draw from it – better in the future? Will assessment technology drive more information, better insights and better teaching? Will all exams in the future involve a hall, pens and paper? Join the discussion.

Pearson South Front 1 – Thursday 22nd June 14.00-14.40

Teacher expertise + “Colin” = the Classroom of the Future?
Jill Duffy, Pearson
Prof Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design, UCL Knowledge Lab
Dr Wayne Holmes, Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Innovation, The Open University
Laurie Forcier, Pearson

The year is 2030. You enter your classroom and you are greeted by Colin, your AI-driven classroom support. He can help with planning, organisation, assessment and data analysis. What he can’t do, however, is teach. Could a support like Colin change how you spend your time, and free you to be the teacher you want to be? Learn what is possible now, and in the near future, and share how you might like to use a support like Colin.

Pearson South Front 1 – Thursday 22nd June 16.00-16.50

Behavioural Insights for Education: How what we know about how people behave can improve learning
Laurie Forcier, Pearson
Raj Chande
Els DeGeest, Pearson

There are many small changes that parents, teachers and school leaders can do that add up to a significant difference to learning. This session marks the launch of a new publication (which will be made available to takeaway), borne out of a productive collaboration between the Behavioural Insights Team and Pearson, on the practical application of behavioural insights to education.