The Prince William Award

SkillForce is a national education charity. Our mission is to empower children and young people to make positive choices and feel ‘comfortable in their own skin’, building confidence, resilience and good character using the skills and experience of ex-Services personnel.

SkillForce believes that a clear set of positive moral values is essential to young people developing a strong sense of self. We particularly value courage, respect, integrity, honesty, kindness and compassion. These moral values will help us to support the young people, our staff and our stakeholders to make positive choices and dare to be their best selves.

The SkillForce Prince William Award provides a context within which young people aged 6-14 years can develop the confidence to think independently and make positive, informed decisions by learning to consider the impact of their actions and behaviour on themselves, on others and on the world around them.

The basis of the award is experiential learning – students learn and embed knowledge through experience, and learning is facilitated through coaching by trained instructors, with opportunity for reflection. The Award is delivered at three different levels, Pioneer, Explorer and Trailblazer, each appropriate for a broad age range.