Sodexo are World Leaders in Quality of Life Services.

Independents by Sodexo are proud caterers at Wellington College and we are passionate about providing our students a brilliant and consistent service

Our ethos is to produce food made using the freshest, most seasonal ingredients we can buy, from sustainable accredited sources. We offer menus which have at their core the seasonal ingredients available at the time.

Underpinning everything is our ethos of ‘fresh food from scratch’.

Menus are seasonal, reflecting the best of fresh local produce and constructed to offer balance and variety, providing a range of healthy options whilst also allowing for treats.

At the heart of our business we have an invaluable team who are the driving force in making Independents by Sodexo a great success.  This small but dedicated and experienced team operate only in the independents sector, so our specialist expertise is absolutely second to none.

Pupils’ health, wellbeing and satisfaction is at the root of everything we do. We aim to deliver fresh food to be proud of; food that will make our pupils smile.

Typically, in dining areas we incorporate theatre cooking into the daily experience and create a warm and welcoming environment for students to enjoy their meals.

It’s only by listening very closely to our client’s needs and expectations that we can make sure pupils are happy.

If they are happy then so are we – it’s that simple.