OLEVI International

OLEVI International

OLEVI has been at the forefront of innovation in the Leadership of Teaching and Learning for over 20 years, developing professional development programmes that have become a driving force for change.


What started as a programme of interventions in one school, went on to become part of a portfolio of support for the schools in the London and City Challenges. OLEVI’s powerful professional development programmes; The Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) helped raise previously struggling schools to levels of outstanding achievement and went on to become part of the OLEVI Learning Syllabus, centering on improving Teaching & Learning, Leadership & Coaching.


Building on the success of the ITP and OTP, our Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP) and the Power of Coaching (POC) provides schools with the means by which they themselves can drive forward improvements and embed a culture of continual whole school improvement through a coaching ethos, and collaborative, knowledge-sharing approach.


Over the past four years our syllabus has grown to include the Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme (OLE) and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP), which develops the potential and effectiveness of all practitioners.


The OLEVI programmes are built around an ethos and principles that seek to empower the best in the profession to grow themselves and others around them, to challenge and define what truly excellent teaching and learning means in schools today and tomorrow, and to realise that vision.