Mortgages for Teachers

Mortgages for Teachers

Mortgages For Teachers offer free mortgage advice and discounted insurance for teachers, support staff and their families. Our team of professional Advisers can provide quality, professional independent mortgage advice that you can trust. Whatever their requirements, whether it be a mortgage for a house purchase, remortgage, buy to let, or protection against sickness, critical illness or death, we can help to find the best solution for them. We can provide this service to an individual member of school staff or we can work in tandem with the whole school.

How does it work?

Our service will automatically be available to your staff and we are always on hand to answer any queries that they may have. You can take a look at our website at which has all of our contact details.

However, our most popular service that we offer is our mortgage surgery. One of our specialist qualified Mortgage Advisers comes to your school for the day and is on hand to answer any questions that your staff may have. We find that most staff do not have the time to sit with us for a full appointment as we recognise their busy schedule, but being there enables those initial queries to be answered. We can then arrange a more convenient time to discuss any issues further, although frequently the initial chat satisfies their requests.

Alternatively, some schools just prefer to distribute an email or display our posters in the communal staff areas. The choice is yours but we do find that the mortgage surgeries produce better results and are very well received.

How does this help your staff?

The main benefit of our service that our clients comment on is the convenience. It proves difficult for them to find the time to arrange an appointment with a qualified adviser or bank out of school hours. The mortgage surgery provides that initial consultation without the headache of booking an appointment outside of school hours.

As an added benefit, we also waive our usual broker fees and offer special discounted life insurance policies. We also extend this offer to their families, another factor which has proved popular. These benefits added to the whole of market mortgage offering and the wide range of available insurers make a valuable benefit to be offering your staff. We also have an excellent understanding of how mortgage lenders approach teachers’ salaries, which can prove valuable when dealing with pension deductions or supply teachers.

How does this help the school?

With the current analysis of the educational sector a lot has been made about a school’s focus on the wellbeing of their staff. Headmasters have told us that their staff were grateful for the specialist advice being provided in such a convenient manner, as finding the time to deal with such issues can prove problematic. As a direct result of the convenience, staff will not need to leave early to ‘catch the last appointment at their bank’. We can then follow up the initial chat after hours. This leaves more time for staff to dedicate to the school during normal hours.