Mentally Healthy Schools

Mentally Healthy Schools

Mentally Healthy Schools is a free website for primary schools, offering school staff information, advice and practical resources to better understand and promote pupils’ mental health and wellbeing

One in 10 primary school children aged five to 10 has an identifiable mental health condition – that’s around three children in every class. Among this age group, boys are twice as likely as girls to have a mental health problem.

The move to secondary school sees an increase in the number of children struggling, with one in seven children aged 11 to 16 having an identifiable mental health condition. However, during these teen years, boys and girls are equally likely to be affected.

While more than half of all mental health problems are established by the age of 14, the factors that can put a child more at risk of developing a mental health problem can often be identified much earlier. If a child who is at risk isn’t given early support, they may go on to develop a mental health problem.

Early intervention is key to giving young people the best start in life. This website aims to give primary school staff the information and practical resources they need to best support pupils.

Mentally Healthy Schools was launched in 2018 by the Duchess of Cambridge as a legacy of the Heads Together campaign. The website is a collaboration between three of the UK’s leading child mental health and education charities.