MakeKit  is an edTech company that makes kits for creative explorations, understanding technology and programming.  The company was founded by Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holøs.

Henning has spent the last 8 years developing drones, and founded the company Makeadrone. He has the world record for the heaviest payload by a remote controlled multicopter. Before starting making drones full time, Henning led a film making department at a renowned management consulting company. Steinar is an engineer with over 10 years experience developing products for the consumer, sports, and defence industry.  As a student he led the team of 8 that build the eco car FROST, which won the Autodesk design award.  Other products have received awards like Red Dot, and ISPO Gold Award.

 The goal: We want to provide every kid with the tools they need for creating their own fantastic inventions. Our products and kits shall inspire and are made for creative exploration as well as technical insight. Therefore, the MakeKit mantra is: The joy of creating

 Easy access, advanced possibilities: Our kits are based on the BBC micro:bit, the small computer made for education is the perfect platform for starting to learn the art of programming. Once the initials skills are mastered there is just that many times you can program a small vehicle to follow some lines on the floor. Our products let you do something else. And it is after you have built it the first time, the real fun begins. You can keep on exploring different shapes, designs, and apply sensors or servos to do specialised tasks. With an open platform there is nothing stopping you. In the spirit of the maker movement, you can make and change the Air:bit to your own design.

 Introducing the world’s first micro:bit drone: The Air:bit is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to do with a micro:bit. Want to make a drone that can pick up and lift small objects, autonomous flight or do drone formations.  With the Air:bit, it is all possible. Air:bit is made for you to use, therefore it is easy to fix and repair if you crash it.

 Historic foundations: MakeKit is a Norwegian based company located in the capital, Oslo. In the fall of 2018 we were looking for new offices, what we found was better than what we could hope for; In the former offices of “Tandberg” and “Norsk Data”, two of the greatest tech-companies in Norwegian history we found the perfect place to build our company. The facilities give us the opportunity to grow the company, and we now have capacity to make small prototype series *Tandberg Radio-factory was world renown for making some of the best sounding radios and tape recorders. *Norsk Data made some of the best minicomputers in the world, and was the first Norwegian company that where listed on the London Stock Exchange (1981) and NASDAQ.

 The movement: Even though MakeKit is a new company, we have already received much attention both local and international. The Air:bit is capturing the attention of people all over the world. With the reach of micro:bit across the globe, the international maker movement, and the need for environmentally friendly products, the Air:bit is capturing the topics of today’s society.

One of the most common questions we get is, when will the Air:bit be launched? We have finally found the perfect date, the Air:bit will be launched on Kickstarter 21 September, at the New York World Maker Fair. We are looking forward to the launch and can guarantee to put on an unforgettable show.  Hope to see you there, or on our live broadcast. If you want more information. please visit our web site: Contact: Steinar Holøs, +47 9925 9151,