Sound Training has been working with students since 2011.  As a result of a period of huge growth both within the UK and internationally, Sound Training has become Lexonik. The name has been chosen using their unique word building methodology, an integral part of their literacy enrichment programmes.


Lexonik – literacy at the speed of sound.


Lexonik is used in schools in the UK, US and British International Schools. To date they have worked with in excess of 60,000 students. Lexonik provide a suite of innovative literacy interventions and they present a unique proposition within literacy education at all levels.


Uniquely, Lexonik looks at the Latin and Greek meanings of root words, prefixes and suffixes. The programmes boast an unrivalled blend of phonological awareness, automaticity and metacognition.


Lexonik is highly structured, taught in six hours over just six weeks, with teaching time being one hour each week. The average reading age gain for students following completion of Lexonik is a very impressive 27 months as well as an improvement in reading comprehension, decoding skills, spelling and vocabulary development. Lexonik is used both on specific groups of students and as the cornerstone of whole school literacy strategies in school.


Lexonik Leap is the foundation programme and ideal for EAL students, or those with particular gaps in their English language acquisition for whatever reason. It is a highly adaptable modular programme, and can be delivered by non- teaching staff,  in short unobtrusive chunks of time.


Katy Parkinson, the founder director of Sound Training and creator of Lexonik, has been promoting the explicit teaching of vocabulary for over 20 years and said:

“I am excited that addressing the word gap is now on everyone’s agenda. There is no doubt that teaching vocabulary effectively is crucial to learning”.  Lexonik does this by delivering a fun, modern version of Latin, as well as by adopting and teaching a range of strategies to develop metacognition.