Chill Your Beans

Chill Your Beans

Chill Your Beans is all about bringing the science of happiness to life. The founder and children’s wellbeing advocate Catherine Stacey is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and drama teacher. Having worked practically and creatively with children from age 4 through to 18 years of age she realised that the science of happiness was very accessible to students in playful ways.

Classes, courses, one off workshops and 1:1 coaching are all available via Chill Your Beans. The positive exercises used in many coaching sessions and classes are all combined in wellbeing homework diaries to create an accessible and affordable way of teaching wellbeing in schools. The short and sweet exercises are designed to help students become independent in their wellbeing education and give them a toolkit of protective factors building resilience. These weekly practices do not affect curriculum time and can be done during form time or registration. Practiced regularly we can build a positive culture in school which can ripple out to home and community.

Chill Your Beans is a new business and venture only in its second year. This September will be the first time the wellbeing homework diaries will have been launched in schools. The diaries were trialled as part of research into children’s wellbeing. Students were very interested in the diaries with many using them independently and wanting more. The mindfulness and creativity exercises were very popular, and many said they felt better about themselves and what they could achieve after using them. This is a very exciting time and we welcome any support and feedback so we can continue to improve our ideas and improve school access to positive education.

Come and see us in the Micro Biz area and check out the homework diaries for yourself. They are for reception all the way through to A level students.