Computers… smartphones… iPads… In this digital age, our methods of communication are ever-evolving. No longer do we just use words to converse – we also use emojis. In fact, the use of emojis has changed the way we communicate so much that we were motivated to develop Chateez to help young people talk about their feelings. Our Chateez cards go way beyond ‘happy’ and ‘sad’. The set contains 25 engaging A5 cards featuring emoji faces, two blank speech-bubble cards and a dry-wipe pen. An effective visual aid, they can be used in individual and group settings. Also available in pocket-size.

What Are We Doing At The Festival Of Education 2017?

Since launching in October 2016, Chateez has been hugely popular in primary and secondary schools (children and young people just ‘get’ them) and we’re looking to connect with more organisations this year. We’ve recently been featured in Optimus Education Special Children magazine and Primary Times and we’re hoping that the people we meet at the Festival of Education will inspire us to develop more emoji collections in the future.